La Poesie d'Harmonie

We welcome you in a harmonious universe where the essence of live is love.
We invite you in this great adventure where the light prevail its rays only if the dark breathes, where being and non-being produce each other, where beautiful and ugly create each other, where contrast is the heart of life. So hale and exhale, laugh and cry, fight and love, stay still or jump, just experience life!

The world is not enough

The World is not enough is a capsule collection of 12 outfits that offer a contrast between minimalist cut and explosive colors. The leitmotif of the collection is related to the print created specially for each outfit, which tell a story for every dress. With each story we tell, we bring the idea of ​​beauty in its simplicity, refined with subtle elements of surrealist work.

Vestment for a hungry soul

Vestment for a hungry soul gives a fresh interpretation of the collection The World is not enough, including wide cuts, soft and stretchy cotton jersey materials for a relaxed style mood. Comprising leisure t-shirts and summer oversized dresses, these vestments are the perfect choice for a hungry soul.

Me, myself & I

Me, myself & I offers 11 concrete solutions for a perfect everyday outfit with stylish and classic designs. The dresses makes an easy merge between comfort and class and brings in the spot the real elegance that comes from inside. In our story, the key message is to give a glamorous answer to every day quest… how a powerful women can be refined and playful in the same time.